ramon lazkano

A sound, like a marble block, can be carved, scratched, scraped, hammered, burst out, until a suitable territory, an extended chord, is found. 

A form may be a portion of time into which we pour some melted matter, a continuous sound - or still, we might listen to music through emptiness, absence, and silence, a screened music only perceptible through its invisible marks.


Looking over more than three decades of composing, it becomes self-evident that the music of Ramon Lazkano is profoundly indebted to the natural world, this unceasing creator of myths and origins – and myths of origins, and of the unconscious and unseen framework of materials that informs human existence.

His transparency of thought and of notation helps to set him apart; his works, even short ones, tend toward a cumulative power determined less by individual moments than by the sum of these gestures.

(Dan Albertson, 2020)

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